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up Parent Directory 20-Sep-2021 10:21 - unknown AICTE Approval Letter 2020-2021.PDF 22-Jun-2021 07:12 216k unknown AISHE Certificate.pdf 22-Jun-2021 07:12 248k unknown AQAR Report 2014-2015.pdf 22-Jun-2021 08:44 1340k unknown AQAR Report 2015-2016.pdf 22-Jun-2021 08:44 1376k unknown AQAR Report 2016-2017.pdf 22-Jun-2021 08:44 1304k unknown AQAR Report 2017-2018.pdf 22-Jun-2021 08:44 1404k unknown AQAR Report 2018-2019.pdf 22-Jun-2021 08:44 272k unknown AQAR Report 2019-2020.pdf 02-Sep-2021 12:34 256k unknown All Campaign Satus 2021.pptx 22-Jun-2021 07:13 15408k unknown Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology20210224-.pdf 25-Feb-2021 13:41 68k unknown Anti Discrimation Cell.PDF 12-Feb-2021 06:47 1068k unknown Anti- Ragging.PDF 12-Feb-2021 06:48 1196k [IMG] Banner-IQAC.jpg 07-Jan-2021 09:41 116k unknown Best Practices.PDF 19-Apr-2021 09:12 636k unknown Conferment of Autonomous Status.PDF 22-Jun-2021 07:13 1452k unknown FINAL_Report on Orientation2017-converted.pdf 04-Mar-2021 07:21 1288k unknown FINAL_Report on Orientation2018-converted.pdf 04-Mar-2021 07:21 2648k unknown FINAL_Report on Orientation2019-converted.pdf 04-Mar-2021 07:14 3304k unknown Gender Sensitization Cell.PDF 12-Feb-2021 06:48 1268k unknown IKGPTU Affiliation Letter.pdf 22-Jun-2021 07:13 1372k unknown IKGPTU Approval Letter.pdf 22-Jun-2021 07:13 1004k unknown IKGPTU-Approval-Letter-2020-21.pdf 20-Sep-2021 10:20 1004k unknown IQAC Composition 2018-2020.pdf 22-Jun-2021 09:00 264k unknown IQAC Composition 2020-2022.PDF 22-Jun-2021 09:00 296k [IMG] IQAC_img.jpg 07-Jan-2021 09:41 16k [IMG] IQAC_meeting.jpg 07-Jan-2021 09:41 12k unknown IQAC_pdf.pdf 25-Jan-2021 09:31 4180k unknown Institutional Distinctiveness.PDF 19-Apr-2021 09:12 288k unknown Meeting on April 8, 2019.pdf 25-Jan-2021 09:31 952k unknown Meeting on January 10, 2019.pdf 25-Jan-2021 09:31 976k unknown Meeting on July 9, 2018.pdf 25-Jan-2021 09:31 1352k unknown Meeting on October 5, 2018.pdf 25-Jan-2021 09:31 912k unknown Minutes-of-Meeting-(2019-2020).pdf 25-Aug-2021 10:08 28k unknown PCI Approval Letter 2020-21.pdf 22-Jun-2021 07:13 104k unknown Po and Co.pdf 29-Apr-2021 06:30 2740k unknown UGC Section 2(f) & 12 (B) Status.PDF 22-Jun-2021 07:13 1168k unknown UGC Withdrawal the Status.PDF 22-Jun-2021 07:13 348k unknown Undertaking for IIQA.PDF 22-Jun-2021 09:16 164k unknown 10-Feb-2021 09:49 552k unknown 10-Feb-2021 13:24 452k unknown officerregarding.PDF 28-Jan-2021 04:00 464k

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