2+2 program lets you learn the most in international education

Are you serious about your career goals ? Do you want a focus degree program without a lot of fuss? Do you want to save money with time? Amritsar group of colleges offers (2+2) or (1+3) programs which might be just for you.

What are 2 + 2 programs?

Simply put a (2+2) program is attending a community college for 2 years and abroad a college or university for another 2 years.These programs operate under agreement between a college and partner Universities and in many cases students can transfer credits directly and begin as juniors at the University of choice. For example you can go under 2 + 2 program study for 2 years in Amritsar group of colleges and next two years in the Reputed University/ colleges in countries like France,Canada,US etc. Then you will graduate with that foreign country degree. it can be a golden opportunity for the students who wants to study abroad, enrollment process is very easy and throughout 4 years you won't get any problem as AGC being the best college in Punjab will provide you work within the university or college for easy money so that you can even pay your tuition or lodgings by your own earned money without any support.

Why a 2 + 2 program?

There many benefits to participate in 2 + 2 programs where a few of the most of the common reasons are:

There are numerous other benefits which keep on expanding So if you are considering a abroad program it can be a great opportunity and take your life to the next level. If you think this is the right path for you you can consider AGC (Amritsar group of colleges) which is small and personal with a lot of opportunities for students at all points in their education i,t is one of the best colleges for international enrollment so it's a fantastic option for all of the students who are considering to study abroad.