agc amritsar|Hostel


AGC provides top rate hostel accommodations for both boys and girls who are keen to study in Punjab. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Hostel is for boys. The campus hostels are accommodated with the facility of caretakers all the time. It features around 108 rooms and Kalpana Chawla Hostel is for girls featuring 54 rooms Situated within the campus, the hostels provide state of the art rooms equipped with necessary amenities. The rooms boast of Wi-Fi connectivity. Air-Conditioned rooms are also available if required. The rooms of both the Hostels come with attached washrooms. They are well facilitated with water heaters and air coolers along with other facilities that make campus life easy, simple and comfortable for students studying in the Best Engineering College of Punjab. Another charming feature of our hostels is Gymnasiums and Social Interaction Rooms for recreation and relaxation. Staying at AGC hostels is a healthy experience and invigorating too.