B.Voc. Courses in Punjab

B.Vocational Colleges in Punjab

As per the scheme on skill development based job oriented higher education program as a part of college/university education launched by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Amritsar Group of Colleges introduces a B. Vocational program in the fields of Software Development, Hospitality & Catering Management, and Auto Mobile Servicing, making AGC a Best B. Vocational College in Punjab.
The program will award the interested students a certificate of 6 months or Diploma of 1 year or Advance Diploma of 2 years or a Degree in B. Vocational with duration of 3 years. This degree program is unique with the provision of multiple “entry and exit” at different levels of NSQF from levels 5 to 7, viz. Certificate/ Diploma/Advance Diploma and Degree in compliance with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). Multiple entry and exit will allow a student the flexibility to earn and study as per their convenience. All the candidates enrolled for diploma courses or further will be treated at par from the second semester onwards.
The students may exit after six months with the certificate (NSQF Level 4) or enrollment in either Diploma or Advance Diploma may be continued that leads to B. Voc. degree.
Following are the key objectives of this program:

  • To provide multiple “entry and exit” options at various levels through a program designed in the formation of the skill eco-system.
  • To create requisite job role specifically skilled manpower for the industry at diverse NSQF levels as per National Occupational Standards (NOSs).
  • To emancipate the youth towards income-generating or employment opportunities.
  • To provide a judicious mixture of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of general education.
  • To provide flexibility to the students through the pre-defined entry and multiple exit levels.
  • To amalgamate the skill-based vocational studies at NSQF level with higher education at the undergraduate level to amplify the employability of the     graduates and meet the industry requirements. Such graduates are expected to be competent to become a part of the global workforce apart from only     meeting the needs of the National or local industry.