Paramedical Courses

pharmacy college in amritsar

Embark on a dynamic career path with Top Paramedical courses in Punjab, where healthcare meets innovation. Through rigorous training in diagnostics, therapy, and patient care, paramedical professionals play a vital role in the healthcare ecosystem. From medical laboratory technology to radiography, these courses offer specialized skills crucial for supporting medical practitioners and ensuring optimal patient outcomes. With a focus on practical experience and theoretical knowledge, paramedical courses equip individuals for diverse roles in hospitals, clinics, and research settings. Join the ranks of healthcare heroes and make a difference in people's lives with a rewarding career in paramedicine. Nutrition and Dietetics course in amritsar

B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Nutrition and Dietetics is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of food science, nutrition, and its relationship to human health. This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of nutrition, dietetics, and their applications in promoting health and preventing disease.


Bsc mls

B.Sc Medical Laboratory Sciences

A Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) Course is an undergraduate course offered by Amritsar Group of Colleges (Pharmacy). A Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) is a healthcare profession concerned with the diagnosis of diseases through the use of Hematological, Immunological, Microscopical, and Bacteriological techniques and students will get great exposure in Amritsar Group of Colleges (Pharmacy), while during their Lab Training in different Diagnostics Lab/Hospitals.


bsc operation theatre technology course in amritsar

B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology

With the advancement in growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals in the field of surgical assistance and operation theater management, Amritsar Group of Colleges (AGC) proudly introduces its B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology program.


bsc radiology and imaging technology course in amritsar

B.Sc. in Radiology and Imaging Technology

Amidst the rising demand for skilled healthcare professionals specializing in diagnostic imaging and radiology, Amritsar Group of Colleges (AGC) proudly presents its B.Sc. in Radiology and Imaging Technology program.