Sports Facility

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”- so goes a renowned proverb.
The sports are essential to revitalizing the energy of the students who spend most of their times in classrooms and labs. In such a sedentary lifestyle, sports lend a zest and spirit leading to the refreshment of mind and body.
The sports department at Amritsar Group of Colleges:

• Stresses on the physical activities like running, jumping and stretching that is instrumental in the constructive expenditure of energy.
• Encourages the students to play sports like Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Swimming, Football, Athletics and Kabaddi.
• Provides the top sports facilities to all students.
• Possesses the total playground area of a magnetic 2.5 acres in the college campus having total three playgrounds.
• Conducts various sports activities and tournaments at Jagir Singh Sandhu Memorial Stadium, Manawala (Amritsar).
• Organizes regular sports events within the campus itself.
It gives us immense pleasure that many of our students have participated in inter-college competitions and have won several prizes in various categories.

Following is the list of PTU Inter-College Tournaments for the year 2018-19 in which the AGCians have participated:

PTU Inter College Tournaments (2018-19):