Management Studies in punjab

Management Studies in Punjab

Management studies make the learning business exclusive with its specialized teaching approach, research focus, industry focus, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship skills by world-class facilities. The Top Business and Management Colleges in Amritsar, Punjab offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), B.Com (Honours), and BA (Journalism & Mass Communication). Management Courses in Punjab, Amritsar, is a comprehensive study where faculty provides a competitive platform to students so they boost their skills in core subjects such as hi-tech business techniques, trading & financing, business operations, and analysis of risks, supply, and production. The department of Management Studies organizes an inter-department competition among students such as Group Discussion, caption contest, Extempore, Business Quiz, instant marketing.


The BBA program at Amritsar Group of Colleges aims at developing a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blend of general and business education. AGC is among the top 10 Colleges in Punjab offering BBA. BBA graduates can give a kick start to their career in different sectors like Marketing, Finance, Consultancy, HR, Banking, etc.



The scope of B.Com (Hons.) has increased manifold with the boom in the economy in the past few years. The Bachelor of Commerce degree has a bright future and a high demand in our country that will create sufficient opportunities for the students bachelor of Commerce degree, when teamed up with a post-graduation degree of MBA or M.Com, carries immense prestige.



AGC is offering one of the Best MBA Programs in Punjab. An MBA degree catapults you to the corporate industries and entrepreneurship. Pursuing MBA from anyone Top MBA college in Punjab will create sufficient opportunities for the students in the field of accounting.Students with an MBA degree in hand have excellent job prospects in India as well as abroad.



M.Com (Master of Commerce) is a prestigious qualification ideal for individuals with a keen interest in advancing their knowledge and skills in commerce, economics, and business management. Pursuing M.Com from the top commerce college in Amritsar opens doors to a plethora of career opportunities.



The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & mass Communication programme is designed for the students desirous of taking up careers in mass media. A thorough grounding will be provided in communication and journalism theories and mass media industry. A department that can effectively harness its multidisciplinary strengths to create an academically provoking atmosphere; evolving into a well-integrated system that synergizes the efforts of its skillful faculty towards imparting intellectual confidence that aids comprehension and complements the spirit of analysis.