Imagine the next level of Fashion with B.Sc Fashion Design

Fashion design is a highly competitive and exciting industry where only the most talented professionals advance. If you want to develop a fresh perspective on fashion with each new line of imagination at the next level, if you know how to make your ideas into a reality, without losing sight of the concept in the process, if you want to come across a lot of research in order to develop your ideas to the fullest, then B.Sc Fashion Design from Amritsar Group of Colleges is the best option you have in order to refine yourself with this ageless adventure of Fashion Design. This course is considered to be the best course for the students who want to gain knowledge in this field by experiencing the top brands in clothing.
To get a job in any Fashion Brand as a Fashion Designer, one must possess a strong ability to work at design projects with a remarkable sense of style and color, as well as add to the organization’s expert base to maintain its edge in the industry. One, after pursuing graduation in fashion design from a top institute can experience in a high-end brand environment, possess a keen eye for best-selling fashion and meticulous in clothing styling. The study of fashion allows students to gain Knowledge about fashion trends, sketching, selecting colours, fabrics and styles, designs, apparel and accessories. Careers in fashion are highly competitive, hopeful fashion designers must have a keen sense of business. If you are creative, imaginative, innovative and stylish then fashion designing is the best career option for you.
As a Fashion Designer from a top institute of the country, one gets a chance to work with the top fashion brands. This glamorous field has played an influential role in the growth of the Indian fashion industry. The Department of Fashion Design in AGC has well equipped labs to facilitate the students providing practical exposure to the fashion industry right from design to merchandising. Future fashion designers from the college learn various skills to obtain knowledge about the economics surrounding the fashion industry; learn how to market effectively, and to start their own company or clothing line. This skill oriented course plays a crucial role in determining fashion trends as they help fashion houses bring a comprehensive range of clothing which attracts consumers not only from the top fashion cities of India like Delhi, Kolkata. Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad but from around the globe. In Academics students do experimental design and production. Students are exposed to fashion shows, craft fairs, industry internships and craft documentation. Experiencing the vast scope of Fashion Design from one of the top Autonomous colleges in India, students can choose their career destinations with the profound designations like Fashion Designers, Fashion Illustrators, Fashion Stylists, Fashion Coordinators, Fashion Consultants, Fashion Merchandisers, Fashion Event Organizers etc.