A college common room is the student’s paradise. Here he/she is completely free. In between classes, he finds here recreation and relaxation. A common room in a college or any other educational institution is necessary for the recreation of the students in the recesses. It gives students relief from the stress and strain of continuous lessons. The students may play various indoor games, meet other students and thus may socialize here. A common room provides the students with immense facilities which help them to develop their potentials in extra-academic activities. The college provides a spacious and comfortable common room facility for boys and girls separately for healthy recreation and mutual contact among the students. A separate provision for few indoor games, newspapers and journals is provided to the students in each block to suit various needs of the students. Moreover, there are some rules and regulations. Students have to be tolerant and must develop a spirit of sharing with and caring for each other. All the students do not do the same thing in the common room. The students play chess, table tennis, carom, etc. in their off periods. Some students only watch games and gossip. Sometimes, student leaders address general students to make them aware of their problems. The only thing is that the students should utilize their time properly in the common room.

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