AGC offering International Educational Programmes

Facilitated by the globalization phenomenon, international education refers to a dynamic concept involving a journey or movement of students, minds, or ideas across political and cultural frontiers. Studying internationally offers a wider variety of courses to the students, some also including research options and skill-based training for students which further helps in expanding their horizons and opens up a world of new educational opportunities for them. The world of international education is considered to be a melting pot of individuals and learning with a global perspective ensures students are exposed to different cultures, ethnic groups, religions and languages, enriching society in the process and broadening the academic experience for everyone. These days, the demand for a ‘Western-style’ education’ is increasing rapidly with the current pace of education. Students are taught by professors and lecturers from all corners of the globe, ensuring them a truly international experience that brings their own wealth of knowledge, skills, subject-specific expertise and understanding of different education systems from around the world.
In order to meet the increasing needs of an evolving teaching landscape, Amritsar Group of Colleges forges partnerships with outstanding academic and other institutions across the globe to expand the students’ experience, the impact of our research, faculty growth and contributions. The college has signed MOUs with the various foreign universities which includes Student Exchange Program; Joint Research, Seminars and Workshops; Sharing of Pedagogical Information; Semester Exchange Programs, etc. focusing on all core values contributing to a unique educational model one that promotes personal and professional development, enlivens a sense of social responsibility, and provides career-oriented students with the formal training, skills , and career services that they will need to find employment and become leaders in today’s dynamic job markets. Having international collaborations with a few of the top universities in abroad, AGC lets its students of almost all streams, either it is engineering, medical, management or others, to complete their further years of study in the foreign countries after studying one or more years at AGC. Broadening its program offerings, AGC is a forward-focused institution, dedicated to preparing future leaders and building great communities.