Agriculture courses in Punjab

Agriculture Colleges in Amritsar

Ornamental Unit

Under the ornamental unit, various decorative flowers & plants like topiary, bonsai etc along with the trees & grasses that fall under this category are grown, basically for decorative purposes. The cultivation of these is called floriculture which is a major branch of Horticulture and with this, students of Agriculture degree gets to learn about the cultivation method of the ornamental plants that needs a specific work or care and the India’s leading Amritsar Group of Collegs, shortly termed as AGC has an aquaponics unit which introduces several units under this.

Agriculture Colleges in Punjab

Medicinal Herbal Garden

Ever wondered which are the herbal plants that heal the normal ailments of the human body? Those plants come under the category of Medicinal herbs. In a degree course of Agriculture, students are taught about the perspective or the medicinal properties of these plants, cultivation & caring of these herbs.

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Organic Unit

An alternative agricultural system i.e. organic farming is one of the most valuable techniques to be used in modern farming as well as traditional farming. Organic unit of AGC, Amritsar allows the students to learn about these techniques. Under the organic farming, Crop Diversity, Soil Management, Weed Management, Genetic Modification and controlling other organisms is also a part of usual practice in the college.

B.Sc. in Agriculture colleges in punjab

Polyhouse Unitt

This unit elaborates the ways used to protect the plants or crops from the humidity, high temperature, intense heat, winds, and cold waves. This can be done through poly tunnels that are made from steel or are covered with polythene.

B.Sc. in Agriculture colleges in india

Cactus Garden

A cactus garden is a place for the cultivation and display of various types of cacti and succulents. You will be amazed to see species of cacti in all shape and size and with flowers on some of them.

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Vermi Composting

Under this unit, students are given the complete knowledge about the composting process. This composting process includes decomposing vegetables, food waste or various species of worms. All this is taught practically as well as in academics in a 4-year degree at AGC.

Agriculture courses in Punjab

Soil Testing

The college possesses a personalized soil testing labs where the local farmers come to test the productivity or fertilizing capacity, nutrient content, composition & acidity or pH levels, expected growth potential of the soils in their farms.

Agriculture courses in Punjab

Fruit Nursery

Fruit Nursery is a nursery where wild fruit seeds are sown to grow sprouts. In such nursery various healthy and disease free species of fruits like wild pear, apple, walnut etc. are grown that grow wild or on farms. In order to grow a fruit autumn season is considered as best time so far. Moreover materials like good viable seeds of local/wild fruit trees i.e. plum, apricot & cherry and many more, then digging tools and a semi-decomposed biomass or a basket, are needed.

Agriculture courses in india

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai are trees and plants grown in containers. Cultivating bonsai is therefore very artistic and provides an exposure to a new way of planting and gardening. In this adenium is grown as a houseplant. Numerous hybrids have been developed. Adeniums are appreciated for their colorful flowers, but also for their unusual, thick caudices. They can be grown for many years in a pot and are commonly used for bonsai.

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Ayurvedic Garden

We have an amazing ayurvedic garden. As garden lovers it is assumed that we all should know and grow the medicinal plants that form an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine. Hibiscus, henna, coriander, bhrami, curry leaves and ashwagandha are some of the medicinal plants that are a part of ayurvedic garden.

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Spice Valley

It basically includes aromatic or pungent vegetables substances used to flavor food. Various spices that are included are Cardamom, Garlic, Turmeric, Chilly, Coriander, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Clove, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Tejpatta.

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Aqua Farming

Under this section of AGC’s aquaponics unit, Mariculture is the prime cultivation method of marine organisms and the most common & most popular example of mariculture is the farming of marine fish.Aqua farming also considered as aquaculture is meant for the farming of aquatic plants, algae, cultivating fresh water, salt water and commercial fishing i.e. harvesting of wild fish.

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Hydroponics, a new-age cultivation method is growing day by day. Hence the college possesses a separate section for the same in order to educate the students with every aspect of farming. Under the hydroponics technique the plants are grown without the soil but by using mineral nutrient solutions. These nutrients come from fish waste, duck manure or chemical fertilizers.