B.Vocational Courses at Amritsar Group of Colleges

Being a student, none of us can deny this fact that "a person without goals is vain". Life is really difficult these days, since each of us undergo “number of challenges". However, the complexities we face every day make us more determined and we fill our hearts of inspiration and enthusiasm to get something out of the picture. It's the right time to make a decision and follow our passion, instead of imitating others to fill our pockets with a degree.

What B.Vocational Courses Mean?

Most students are aware of the regular courses in the world, but professional courses are designed to meet the needs of a growing economy. The basic idea behind these courses is to guarantee the acquisition of adequate knowledge and competences. The programs focus on equipment with more opportunities for employment. The University Grant Commission (UGC) launched various university vocational courses, famous as a B.Voc diploma/degree courses, where for students, multiple entry and withdraw options are available. The course varies from advanced diploma / diploma to bachelor’s degree.
Amritsar Group of Colleges offers B.Vocational courses in Punjab in the field of Software development, Auto mobile servicing, and Hospitality and Catering Management, making AGC the top B.Vocational College in India.

The program will give interested students a 6-month certificate or a 1-year diploma or an advanced diploma of 2 years or a title in B. 3-year professional degree. This grade program is unique with the supply of multiple "entry and exit" to different levels of NSQF from levels from 5 to 7, ie. Certificate / diploma / advance diploma in compliance with the national skill qualification framework (NSQF). The multiple entry and exit will allow a student the flexibility of winning and studying based on their comfort. All candidates registered for diploma courses or will also be treated from the second semester onwards. Students can go out after six months with the certificate (NSQF level 4) or registration in a diploma or diploma in advance can be continued to conduct B. VOC level.


1. The main idea behind the introduction of these courses is the general development in the personality of the student.
2. Ensure skill-based learning.
3. To transform students into businessmen, so that they can become business service providers instead of job candidates.
4. To provide more "input and output" options at various levels through a program designed in the formation of the skill ecosystem.
5. To create a job function required specifically experts for the industry at various NSQF levels based on national occupational standards (NOSS).
6. For young people emancipated towards generating revenue or job opportunities.
7. To provide a judicious mix of skills related to a profession and appropriate content of general education.
8. To provide student flexibility through the default entrance and more output levels.

Career Opportunities

B.Voc courses in India aims at imparting quality education that builds explicit skills and knowledge in students so that they can serve industry better and get better opportunities for their future. After completing a degree or diploma from the top B.Voc colleges in India, aspirants can gear up for their preferred field. Following are some of the preferred job profiles are:

  • Computer Operator
  • Accountant
  • Food Technologist
  • Beautician
  • Product Development Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Automobile Engineer
  • Biochemist
  • Home Economist
  • Vocational Teacher

  • B.Vocational course is offered to students who wish to gain practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. B.Voc is gaining popularity in India due to the approach in the education based on skills and in B.Voc education would notice the way to get more opportunities for work in various industrial sectors, fashion, production and many others. And in these industries related opportunities can steadily increase the growth of aspirant.