Celebrating Success:B.Tech ME and B.Tech EE Batch-2023 Shinesin AGC Placements


The air is abuzz with excitement and pride as the students from the B.Tech. ME and B.Tech. EE Batch - 2023 at AGC (Amritsar Group of Colleges) have achieved an extraordinary feat. They have not only set a record but have also secured prestigious positions during the Campus Placement Drive conducted by ASP Seals, an esteemed organization in the industry. With their hard work, determination, and exceptional skills, these students have paved the way for a bright future. The AGC team wholeheartedly congratulates them on this remarkable achievement and extends best wishes for their upcoming endeavors.

A Remarkable Achievement

The selection of these talented students from B.Tech. ME and B.Tech. EE Batch - 2023 by ASP Seals is a testament to their exceptional abilities and relentless pursuit of excellence. They have demonstrated their aptitude, technical prowess, and dedication throughout their academic journey, which has now paid off brilliantly in the form of a groundbreaking accomplishment. Their success not only reflects their individual achievements but also highlights the high standard of education and training provided by AGC.

Meet the Rising Stars

Let's take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the individuals who have excelled in AGC's Placements and have been selected by ASP Seals:

Each of these individuals has shown exceptional potential and promise in their respective fields. Their relentless efforts, perseverance, and unwavering determination have helped them secure this outstanding achievement. AGC takes immense pride in their accomplishments and believes that they will continue to excel in their professional journeys.

A New Phase Begins

As these students enter the next phase of their careers, AGC stands firmly behind them, offering unwavering support and encouragement. This remarkable achievement is not just a personal triumph for the students but also a testament to the quality of education and training provided by AGC. It exemplifies the institute's commitment to nurturing and grooming talented individuals who are ready to make a significant impact in the industry.

Wishes for the Future

The AGC team wholeheartedly congratulates each of these exceptional individuals on their well-deserved success. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment have brought them this far, and the future holds even greater possibilities for them. With their talent and passion, they are destined to make a positive difference in their chosen fields. AGC extends its heartfelt wishes to Amandeep Singh, Manraj Singh, Arshdeep Singh, Amarbir Singh, Imandeep Singh, Ravi Ranjan, Dilpreet Singh, Sidharth Bhardwaj, K. Bheema Rao, Dildarpreet Singh, and Anmol Singh for their upcoming endeavors.


The achievements of these students from B.Tech. ME and B.Tech. EE Batch - 2023 at AGC is nothing short of extraordinary. Their selection during the Campus Placement Drive by ASP Seals is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and exceptional skills.