Celebrating World Tourism Day With The Grand Opening Of The Ragreen Doll Museum In Amritsar

Amritsar Group of Colleges (AGC) celebrated World Tourism Day into a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity and global harmony with the grand opening of the Ragreen Doll Museum at AGC Agro Farm. This extraordinary event showcased the power of cultural exchange through the medium of dolls, offering visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse and enchanting world of cultures from across the globe. With esteemed guests, captivating performances, international cuisine, and strong community support, the day was a resounding success.

Inauguration by Sh. Vipin Kant Seth, Director- SGRD International Airport

The highlight of the day was the inauguration of the Ragreen Doll Museum by Sh. Vipin Kant Seth, Director of Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International (SGRDJI) Airport in Amritsar. Mr. Seth commended the museum as a testament to the potential of cultural exchange and global harmony through the world of dolls. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of international cultures.

Guest of Honour Sh. Rakesh Kumar Popli

Sh. Rakesh Kumar Popli, PCS, Additional Director of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Government of Punjab, served as the esteemed Guest of Honour, reaffirming the government's commitment to promoting tourism and cultural initiatives.

The Ragreen Doll Museum - A Unique Experience

The Ragreen Doll Museum, the first of its kind in Punjab, is an exceptional venture that allows visitors to explore the rich tapestry of global cultures through an impressive collection of dolls. These dolls represent various countries and cultures, providing a unique insight into the world's diversity.

Cultural Performances and Culinary Delights

The event featured a series of captivating cultural performances by AGC students, representing a wide range of international backgrounds. These performances added a rich and vibrant layer to the celebration.
One of the highlights of the day was the international culinary showcase, offering a delectable array of dishes from countries such as Italy, Japan, Mexico,and more. AGC students played a vital role in showcasing the international styles and designs, making it a global feast for travel enthusiasts.

Community Support

The event also witnessed the presence of esteemed principals from various schools across the Amritsar region, highlighting the strong community support for such cultural initiatives. This community involvement underscores the significance of promoting cultural diversity in the region.

Management Speaks

In the words of Adv Amit Sharma, Chairman- AGC, "The grand opening of the Ragreen Doll Museum is a momentous occasion for Amritsar Group of Colleges. It reflects our commitment to promoting cultural diversity and enhancing the tourism experience in Punjab."

Madam Ragini Sharma, Director Finance- AGC and Founder of Ragreen World, expressed her excitement, stating, "The Ragreen Doll Museum is a testament to our vision of bringing the world's cultures closer to our community. We are excited to offer this unique experience to our visitors."

Dr. Rajnish Arora, Managing Director- AGC, highlighted the importance of World Tourism Day as an opportunity to celebrate global cultures and promote cross-cultural understanding. "The Ragreen Doll Museum perfectly embodies this spirit," he said.

Dr. Gaurav Tejpal, Principal AGC, praised the students' performances and the international culinary showcase, saying, "Our students' talents and the diversity within our institution make us proud to have them as ambassadors for AGC."

Madam Dipti Malhotra, Dean- CCIE, emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and education in today's globalized world, reinforcing the idea that initiatives like the Ragreen Doll Museum contribute to a more interconnected and culturally diverse society.

The celebration of World Tourism Day at Amritsar Group of Colleges with the grand opening of the Ragreen Doll Museum was a remarkable testament to the power of cultural diversity, unity, and understanding. It showcased the rich tapestry of global cultures and the commitment of AGC to promote these values in the Punjab region.