Central Library-An Athenaeum of vast knowledge in AGC

Libraries play a fundamental role in enhancing the learning experience, providing students with all the materials and services they need to improve their knowledge through a wide range of books. Apart from the academic resources, college libraries have both academic and non-academic resources available for the students through which they can get extra study material based on their curriculum and can also enjoy reading stuff which is not related to their course as well.
Amritsar Group of Colleges confers a central library to its students which is known for its best quality provided with the futuristic facilities. The library houses in 625 sq. ft. area of the College campus and consists of an adequately rich collection of books and works of literature, rich with the collection of over 67,500 books. This is a Wi-Fi enabled library following the “Browne charging system” that provides e-based learning opportunities. In addition, a digital library is the part of the main central library and has access to 22 computers and more than 400 non-printed materials for the fulfillment of the requirement of the students.
The Central Library AGC has a seating capacity of about 100 students at a time. It also has a separate reading hall. Moreover, the library includes various sections such as the periodical section- subscribing more than 15 National and International journals in print foam and 200 E-Journals (National and International) by DELNET. Through the digital section, students can search their sources quickly from the e-resources, write their assignments and check the plagiarism percentage of their written work. Abundant publications are present in various sections and categories which they belong to so that it is easy for students to find the work which they are looking for.
We, at AGC, utilize the library resources (both print and electronic) for an effective teaching-learning process. The best thing about the college library is undoubtedly the peaceful reading environment it provides. Away from all the commotion of the classrooms, students are able to concentrate on the work they are reading thoroughly. They are also expected to keep their phones on silent mode and aren’t allowed to talk to others to avoid unnecessary interruptions while studying.