Journalism V/S Mass Communication: Are they the same or different?

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Imagine a scene where you don't get updates from any news source; a place where radio, television, magazines, and blogs no longer exist. Sounds strange right?

Imagine this somewhat terrifying image that will allow you to understand the importance of mass communication and journalism as an industry. If the professionals in these fields are not spontaneous, receptive, and enthusiastic, it is difficult to imagine how people will entertain themselves, accumulate knowledge or simply survive. Having said that, most of us still don’t have a deep understanding of these two fields. Many people talk about mass communication and journalism at the same time, but they don't understand that although the two are closely related, they are not the same.
If you still want to know the difference between mass communication and journalism, this blog is for you.
Here, I will discuss the main differences between mass communication and journalism course in Punjab in the basic principles of curriculum, university, degree, and career opportunity structure.
Sneak in!

About Mass Communication and Journalism

Mass communication, as the name suggests, is to influence the masses. How? From radio, television, news, magazines to the Internet, social networks, and movies; any platform used to spread news, opinions, news and entertainment to the public (a large group of people) belongs to the field of mass communication.
It is a broad field, including the integration of photography, film, news, advertising, public relations, content writing, etc.
Journalism, On the other hand, news mainly revolves around disseminating news to people, whether it is political, economic, business, scientific, sports or entertainment news. Journalism is divided into three simple steps: collecting data or news; editing it and verifying it with facts and images; disseminating it to the public through print and electronic media. Print media includes newspapers and magazines, and electronic media includes television, radio, and now even the Internet.

Know the Difference between Journalism & Mass Communication

To some extent, mass communication and journalism are two different aspects of the same thing. Let's use an analogy to understand it better: If mass communication is Italian cuisine, then journalism can be regarded as pasta (one of Italian cuisine).
Or simply put, mass communication is a general term, including advertising, event management, public relations and many other fields, one of which is news.

Career Opportunities in Journalism

After earning a degree in B.A. journalism and mass communication in India,the various types of job opportunities and personal information you can enter include:
• TV News Reporter
• Proofreader
• Content Developer
• News Announcer
• Digital Media Journalist
• Photojournalist
• News Presenter
• Translator
• Camera Manager
• Creative Designer
• Researcher
• Producer
• Set Manager

Career Opportunities in Mass Communication

Mass communication course in Punjab, is followed by a large number of career opportunities, for example:
• Film making
• Video Editing
• Photographer
• Public Relations
• Event Manager
• Journalism
• Wedding Planner
• Creative Direction
• Sound Mixing & Recording
• Radio Jockey
• Video Jockey
• Advertisement
• Branding


There! The difference between mass communication and journalism should now be clearer to you. Now, which of the two you choose depends on what you want to do in life and where you want to end up.
A degree in mass communication is great if you want to get a broader range of skills in your backpack, and a degree in journalism can be helpful if you know your goal of establishing a career in journalism.
So, mass communication or journalism, Italian cuisine or cream pasta, which one would you choose? Tell us in the comments!