Popular B.Sc Courses after 12th

B.Sc or Bachelor of Science is an important educational stream in the field of science. This is one of the most popular streams among students with science and math backgrounds. From 12th place onwards, it is a career-oriented program aimed at providing both theoretical and practical skills in science and related subjects, in addition to being the most selected major in science. It prepares them to acquire the necessary professional skills required at the industrial level.

B.Sc is primarily intended to provide candidates with practical knowledge and experience. Extensive access to students through seminars, conferences, hands-on lessons, etc. gives candidates complete ideas for the subject. The B.Sc courses in India cover a wide range of disciplines, giving candidates a great deal of freedom in choosing the discipline of interest.

Why Choose B.Sc. Degree Course

If you need to turn out to be a Scientist, Scientific Assistant, Research analyst, Teacher, Technical Writer/Editor, Lecturer, Chemist, Enumerator, Researcher, Bio-statistician, Clinical Research Manager, Consultant etc. then B.Sc. Degree Course ought to be on the pinnacle of your list.
Even though, B.Sc Graduates are not definite to get a job only in the science associated field. They can get an activity in management, design, engineering, and plenty of different fields.
In addition to that, after finishing the B.Sc. course, you may seem with inside the IIT JAM examination for in addition studies (post-graduation) from IITs and IISC. You also can choose JEST, BINC, and plenty of different M.Sc. front tests as well.

Various Courses under B.Sc can be listed below:

B.Sc Agriculture

This program aims to provide students with both practical and theoretical knowledge of all aspects of agricultural practice. In addition, this course will show you new and efficient ways to increase productivity and maintain soil longevit.

B.Sc Fashion Design

B.Sc FD involves studying the creation of designs. It involves turning creativity and artistic talent into the creation of sellable products such as artistic talent, clothing, jewelry, shoes and other accessories. B.Sc fashion design courses in Punjab also include fashion behavior and vulnerable market trends.

B.Sc Medical Laboratory Sciences

B.Sc MLS is a program related to medical professionals that uses laboratory tests to cover the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness.

B.Sc Nursing

This program aims to improve a candidate's critical thinking and provides students with training to practice professional nursing and midwifery in accordance with national health guidelines.

B.Sc Horticulture

This program aims to teach candidates the best and most efficient way to grow crops, as well as gardening to improve productivity.

B.Sc Zoology

As the name implies, this scientific discipline covers both zoological and environmental biology. Students are ready to work in a variety of areas, such as ecosystem monitoring.

B.Sc (Hons) Computer Science

Candidates in this area have a keen interest in computer languages and programming. This course provides a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of computer software and programming languages for learning programming and software development. This course is very useful for anyone looking to take on a job in the IT department.

B.Sc Hons (Physics)

The B.Sc Hons Physics course from the top B.Sc colleges in India covers all physics issues, including electromagnetics, optics, mechanics, and more.