Want To Study In The Best Engineering College In Punjab?

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Building a career for yourself is not just about following your passions blindly. You need to have a structured plan mapped out so that you can work on your goals at a steady pace. For this, the very first thing that comes into the student’s mind is which course to be chosen.
Many a time, the students are confused with the same question of choosing the right career option for them and they seek the guidance of their friends, teachers, and parents for that. Getting career guidance helps them decide their career path in the right manner. Proper guidance helps in making adequate educational and occupational choices and in taking career decisions based on the demand and requirements of future work.
Engineering is one of the most prominent career options which is widely chosen by most of the students in Punjab who want to build their career in this reputed field. The very first thing which comes into the minds of the engineering aspirants is the right choice of college for their career. As per the government guidelines, there are many things that a student has to check all the parameters which meet the scope of offering the best facilities and infrastructure to its students.

Why AGC?

College Ranking Validation of the degree provided is also an aspect of the said top college. This is important here to mention that AGC is affiliated to IK Gujral Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, holding the NAAC Grade ‘A’ and NBA accreditations along with the UGC Autonomous status & autonomous college in India. Being Best Engineering College in Punjab the institute is bound to walk ahead of aspiring engineers under proper career guidance for they may choose to go away and be suitable in a proper engineering college degree.

What are the benefits of earning an Engineering degree?

A job in every field has its pros and cons but what distinguishes a job in the engineering field? Here are the top 3 benefits that a degree in engineering field offers you:
Always Demanding: Engineers especially of computer, civil, mechanical and electrical fields, are always in demand irrespective of the market trends.
Career Growth: An engineering degree ensures you a career growth when you apply in any national or multinational company.
The high demand of Indian Engineers: Given their mathematical, logical and analytical skills, engineering graduates of India are preferred by the US and other foreign countries.

Engineering Degree at AGC

AGC offers engineering in five different branches under B. Tech which includes Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Engineering (AI-ML) and Mechanical Engineering (ME). The college also offers Masters in Engineering under M.Tech Program. These specializations include Computer Science Engineering and Civil Engineering.

Discovering the domain

An engineering degree offers you an opportunity to explore the whole world and this elongates your knowledge exponentially. Hence, when you become an engineer you have a chance to meet various customers of different localities, which proves to be a good and challenging opportunity. The students studying at AGC get a chance to avail the 1+2, 2+2 or 3+1 program with which they study at its campus for half of the duration whilst remaining in a foreign university. This enhances the availability of jobs of international level to the students and makes AGC the Best Engineering College in India that provides the quality education to its students that are effective and open to global career options.