Fashion designing is the art of crafting customised apparel and lifestyle accessories and has turned into a career option now. It is a promising profession that is creative, and at the same time, serves a high package in the glamorous industry. However, it is a demanding sector, as one needs to be creative, and possess good managerial skills too in order to succeed in this Fashion Industry. It is one of the highly creative and in-demand professions in the world.

Thus, The fashion industry is a comprehensive industry where you learn new things daily. If you are aspiring to make a career in Fashion Designing, you are going to get a massive range of career opportunities which are as follows –

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are associated with the fashion designing business, a career that needs no introduction. Aspirants in this job profile can either create their labels or work for a company that designs garments for them. As a fashion designer, you must work on styling many sorts of clothing. A skilled fashion designer handles everything from drawings to textures and patterns, from outfit styling to looks.

Quality Controller

Another career option that is associated with fashion Designing is Quality Control. A quality controller’s first and most important job is establishing quality standards for a brand according to its needs for a new collection. Apart from that, the quality control manager recommends each department ensure quality in different procedures associated with garment manufacture.
The Quality Controller is also in charge of inspecting the product’s quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Fashion Marketing Manager

A fashion marketing manager is in charge of planning and implementing strategies for marketing fashion items and demonstrating their value to increase sales. A fashion marketing manager’s job includes overseeing branding efforts and developing marketing campaigns for fashion-related businesses, retailers, and brands.

Personal Stylists

This is one of the most challenging and exciting work descriptions regarding a career in fashion design. As a fashion stylist, you must choose the best clothing for customers based on their body shape, preferences, and likes from the designer’s collection or wardrobe.
Fashion stylists work for Bollywood stars, movie productions and many other famous personalities who like to be dressed in the latest trend.

Fashion Model

A model is the one who acts and walks on a ramp to show the new trends in order to promote commercial products in the market. Some fashion designers wear their own clothes to represent themselves or sometimes they hire models to promote their work.

Textile Designer

A textile designer designs 2D unique or repetitive patterns for printed fabrics, weave, and knit patterns. These fabrics may be used in the interiors to make clothes or as soft furnishing. Textile designers either work as a part of the team in industrial and non-industrial settings or even work independently. Most of the textile designers use CAD to design textures and patterns.

Fashion Blogger

Being a fashion blogger is one of the most interesting and demanding jobs at present. If you are an individual gifted with outstanding writing skills, you can work for various fashion magazines as they always entertain fresher’s with talent and creativity. Fashion bloggers can earn a lot of money as fashion is always a burning topic. Being a writer you can deliver your ideas and views through various social platforms.

Retail Buyer

A fashion designer has well-equipped knowledge of various fashion and current trends. Therefore, an individual who doesn’t want to work under anyone can manage or start off their own store. As readymade garments are given more importance today, the idea of self-made or local design can alter your career in the fashion industry to the next level.
Therefore, These are some of lucrative career options that a candidate can opt after completing their graduation in Fashion Designing. To know more, click here.