Software Devolpment Courses

B.voc Software Development

Course Overview

Doing B. Voc. in Software Development offered by one of the Top B. Vocational College in India-Amritsar Group of Colleges helps you in availing practical and industry-relevant skill in the domain of software development and computer science. AGC offers this skill-oriented and practical based program for imparting practical skills to the students along with theoretical clarity in the subject. The core idea is to impart and emphasize hands-on expertise rather than going for more leaning towards theoretical facets.


  • To Provide multiple entry and exit options at various levels through program design in conformation to the skill eco system
  • To create requisite job role specific skilled manpower for industry at various NSQF levels as per NOSs(National occupatinal standards).
  • To empower the youth leading to employment and income generating opportunities.
  • To provide judicious mix of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of general education.
  • To provide flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit levels.
  • To integrate skill based NSQF vocational studies with the undergraduate level of higher education in order to enhance employability of the graduates and meet the industry requirements. Such graduates apart from meeting the needs of local and national industry are also expected to be competent to become part of the global workforce

Award Level Certificate

B. Voc. program in a best software development college in Amritsar i.e. Amritsar Group ofA Colleges is designed with the provision for multiple exit levels. All the candidates enrolled for diploma courses or further will be treated at par from the second semester onwards. The students may exit after six months with the certificate (NSQF Level 4) or they may continue for diploma or advance diploma level courses leading to B. Voc. degree.

duration after +2
corresponding NSQF LEVEL
Certificate 6 months -
Diploma 1 year 5
Advance Diploma 2 year 6
B.voc Degree 3 year 7

Affiliation, Exam and Fees

  • Admission to this program at AGC-the Best B. Voc. College in Punjab, shall be done on Merit basis. The candidates have to register online for the AGC NEST-National Entrance Scholarship Test.
  • The concerned State Government/UT shall notify the Tuition and other Fees for the candidates to be admitted.
  • Approx. Rs.25,000 fees for each course per semester for all the students.
  • sity.
  • Examination Body- IKG Punjab Technical University


    1. First to Fifth Semester
  • Total theory subjects in a semester: 4 Theory (50 Marks each, 3 credits each)
  • Total lab/practical in a semester: 2 Practical (50 Marks each, 1.5 credits each)
  • Training: 2 Month (200 Marks,15 credits)
  • 2. Sixth Semester
  • Total theory subjects in 6th semester: 1 Theory (50 Marks each, 3 credits each)
  • Project work: 200 Marks.
  • Training: 2 Month (200 Marks, 15 credits)
  • One theory credit hours = 15 hours (Total hours for 3 credits 45 hours)
  • One practical credit = 28-30 hours (Total hours for 1.5 credit 45 hours)

Modes Of Selection

    1. Admission to the B.Voc. programme in all the courses (Semester-I) shall be done purely on the merit in the qualifying examination (10+2 etc.)
    2. There are three categories of candidates who shall be given admission in Semester-I of the skill-based courses under NSQF.
  • Category 1: Students who have already acquired NSQF certification Level 4 in a particular Industry sector may opt for admission in the skill-based courses under NSQF.
  • Category 2: Students who have acquired NSQF certification Level 4, but may like to change their trade and enter into skill-based courses in a different trade.
  • Category 3 Students who have passed the 10+2 examination with conventional schooling without any background of vocational training