DST-FIST Program

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Science Engineering received grant of worth Rs. 80 lac from Department of Science & Technology (DST) under Fund for improvement of S & T infrastructure (FIST) Government of India, program vide letter No SR/FIST/College -352/2016.
Vector Network Analyzer was purchased as it is primarily used for research and development, and its uses are as :
Testing of component specifications such as:

  • Real time measurement of S-Parameters of Antenna used for wireless applications.
  • Real time measurement of Voltage Standing Wave Ratio of Antenna.
  • Verification of design simulations to make sure that systems and their components work together properly.
  • Measuring of Amplitude and Phase properties.
  • RF Design Applications.

Name of Laboratory Name of Equipment Brand/Make Other Specifications Cost of Equipment
Advanced Wireless Communication Vector Network Analyzer ANRITSU/S820E The highest Value handled microwave analyzer: 1 MHz - 14 GHz,type N(f) ports 110 dB dynamic range (20MHz- 40 GHz) Cables High Performance, full temperature Coaxial calibration kits (TOSLNSOA- 18, frequency range: DC to l8 GHz) 17.23 lac