Department of Mechanical Engineering

Amritsar Group of Colleges is the Best Mechanical Engineering College in Punjab, is fully accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA – the highest level of accreditation achieved by any department of engineering), Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the oldest (started in 2002) and biggest department in terms of faculty, students and activities at AGC, Amritsar. The department offers the following two (one undergraduate, one postgraduate) intense programs with a wide choice of specialization and research areas:

1. B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering with add-on Certification Courses, (1) Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in collaboration with QCFI, India (2) Advanced concepts in Automotive Technology)
2. M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) - 18 seats

The objective of the B.Tech Mechanical Engineering College in Amritsar is to prepare the manpower that is globally best. Most of the students, who graduate from the department, end up taking leading positions in industry, academia, and government organizations. The department is having highly qualified and experienced faculty in the Design, Thermal, and Manufacturing streams of Mechanical Engineering. The Department is well-equipped with software and hardware facilities and the workstations are loaded with technical equipment. The state-of-the-art laboratories don’t just cater to the undergraduate curriculum but also support research in postgraduate and other interdisciplinary areas of sciences and engineering. The strength of Mechanical Engineering Courses lays in advanced automobile engineering, laboratory practical and special assignments to dismantle and assembly of two-stroke and four-stroke automobile engines.

Being an autonomous institute, the Mechanical Engineering curriculum has been designed in a way to fill the gap between classroom knowledge and actual industry norms. We ensure that our students pass out to face the challenges of the real-world which includes a thorough understanding of the environmental, socio-economic, regulatory, and ethical issues associated with the engineering profession. The apt combination of research and industry-led courses is ultimately resulting in shaping the industry leaders out of students of Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering