• ECE Labs

    Department Labs

    • National Instruments- Advanced Wireless Systems Lab
    • Advanced Antennna Lab(Funded by DST and FIST program)
    • Advanced VLSI and DSP Lab(Funded by AICTE undeer MODROB Scheme)
    • Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
    • Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
    • Digital Communication Lab
    • Analog Communication Lab
    • Digital Electronics Lab
    • Microprocessor and Micro-controller Lab
    • Microwave Lab
    • Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
    • VLSI Lab
    • Signal and Systems
    • Digital Signal Processing Lab
    • Optical Fiber Lab


    • The students can successfully be involved in the research areas related with wireless system design like MIMO based System, WiMAX, etc.
    • The students can improve there software and hardware learning skills by the use of latest equipments and software available in the lab.
    • Prototype and implementation of 3G& 4G Technologies like LTE,LTE-A,WCDMA,HSPA

    Electronics and Communication Engineering