Vision/Mission of Hotel Management

Departmental Vision
    The mission of the AGC, Hotel Management & Catering Technology is to impart quality education to students for their overall development as a good Service Professional as well as a good citizen to meet future challenges of globalization and great Indian hospitality values.
Our goal
  • To be a leader in development of professional in the field of Hotel Management & Catering Technology.
  • To work closely and proactively with the industry so as to address the needs of highly skilled man power.
  • To train and educate, at all levels, persons of outstanding abilities who can become future leaders for the hospitality industry.
Key Benefits
  • Students at AGC, Hotel Management & Catering Technology are provided with excellent facilities, and an accomplished teaching staff, enabling students to hone their skills in the best possible platform. Developing an understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction in business.
  • Our faculties possess teaching qualities that help students learn how to perform tasks in a professional and scientific manner
  • Our students are imbibed with qualities to learn scientifically and act professionally.
  • The curriculum includes the latest advancements and technologies.
  • Mini-projects have been included as part of the curriculum to develop a general understanding of the hospitality industry.
  • The syllabus includes the latest in terms of breakthroughs and technologies.
  • Mini-Projects have been included as part of the curriculum, to develop a holistic understanding of the hospitality industry.
  • Our students are groomed in being more employable, in whichever sector they choose to enter.
  • Successful graduates are placed in various organizations in the hospitality sector, which includes hotels, restaurants, airlines, front office management etc.
Our Mission
    Exceptional faculty, staff and students are committed to excellence in educating professionals, advancing serving the guest. BHMCT College in Punjab, includes the top college of Hotel Management Courses provides the best platform for students for disseminating high-quality education and to build an environment for creating future-ready professionals. Being a highly competitive sector, graduate from Hotel Management can land up in various jobs such as Cruise-Ship Hotel management, Hotel Administration and Catering, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Forest Lodges, Catering Department in Railways etc.

Hotel Management