tourism and travel Management

The field of tourism and travel management has witnessed a consistent expansion and evolution, emerging as one of the most rapidly growing economic sectors globally. This exponential growth has paved the way for remarkable opportunities for aspiring students. At AGC (Amritsar Group of College), we are committed to providing comprehensive training to students through our industry-recognized bachelor's program in tourism and travel management, preparing them for success in this dynamic industry. Our program offers a carefully crafted curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, ensuring that our students are equipped with the necessary competencies to excel in supervisory roles within this lucrative sector. Through the guidance of experienced industry professionals, our students gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of the tourism and travel industry. Upon completion of our Bachelor's program in Tourism and Travel Management, students emerge as well-rounded professionals with a deep understanding of the industry. Whether it's managing tour operations, working in hospitality establishments, or engaging in destination marketing, our graduates are prepared to make a significant impact in various roles within the tourism and travel industry.


10+2 with 50% marks in aggregate or its equivalent examination in any stream conducted by a recognized Board / University / Council.

Pathway after Bachelors of Tourism and Travel Management

After completing a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Travel Management from the best college in Punjab, a wide range of exciting career pathways await graduates. With a solid foundation in the intricacies of the tourism industry and essential managerial skills, graduates are well-positioned to pursue diverse roles within the sector. Opportunities abound in areas such as hospitality management, event planning, destination marketing, tour operations, travel consultancy, and sustainable tourism development. Graduates can also explore positions in tourism boards, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and online travel platforms. Furthermore, the global nature of the industry opens doors for international career prospects and the chance to work in exotic destinations. Additionally, individuals may choose to pursue advanced degrees, such as a Master's in Tourism Management, to further specialize in their chosen field. Overall, a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Travel Management provides graduates with a plethora of options and a strong foundation to embark on a successful and fulfilling career in the vibrant world of tourism.

In order to thrive in this field, one must possess the following qualities:-

  • Good communication skills
  • Pleasing personality
  • Ability to deal with different types of customers
  • Confidence
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management and punctuality
  • Management skills

Some of the major segments for job opportunities are as follows:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Tourism Consultant
  • Travel Agency Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Destination Marketing Manager
  • Tour Operator
  • Resort Manager
  • Airline Operations Manager
  • Sustainable Tourism Manager
  • Cruise Ship Director
  • Travel Writer/Journalist
  • Adventure Tourism Specialist
  • Hospitality Trainer/Instructor
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Airport Manager
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Sales and Marketing Manager in the Tourism Industry
  • Cultural Tourism Coordinator
  • Corporate Travel Manager
  • Tourism Policy Analyst

At AGC, we prioritize hands-on experience and practical learning. As part of our curriculum, students participate in intensive service-oriented internships, allowing them to apply their acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios. These internships are conducted in collaboration with renowned industry partners, ensuring that our students receive exposure to the latest industry trends and best practices.

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