Vision, Mission & Peos of ECE Department

  • In this era of competition we nurture and groom the personality of our technocrats to bring them up to global standards in technicalities and moral values.
  • To cover the theoretical and practical aspects in Engineering.
  • To involve students in R&D activities concatenated with basic Engineering Skills.
  • Implementing the Earn While Learn policy for the students so that they could be self dependent with the motive of being Entrepreneur.
  • To establish the Centre of Excellence in the electronics & Communication department by the empanelment of Renowned Industries.

  • To develop and enhance the skills of the students to get success in this competitive era.
  • To provide fully developed technical environment to the students to hone up their technical skills by imparting quality education.
  • To provide greater impact of managerial, professional and communication skills.
  • To create congenial environment for the faculty so that they help the students to achieve their desired goals.
  • To promote research, development and consultancy programs.
  • To build infrastructure making, the global standards for imparting Technical Education.
  • To create excellent student centric and supportive environment in the department.
  • To achieve and retain quality at all levels.

  • Graduate will understand the basic knowledge of Mathematics and Science in Engineering, and their practical applications.
  • Graduate will be able to communicate effectively in both: oral and written form.
  • Graduate will have the skill to design analog and digital circuits for various applications.
  • Graduate will able to understand, design and implement the Communication Network, Mobile Network, guided and unguided wireless communication system.
  • Graduate will able to design and implement various programs on Microcontroller, embedded system and Arduino based systems.
  • Graduate will have functional skills to utilize software and other tools to analyze problems for their required solutions.
  • Graduate shall demonstrate the ability to understand and work on multidisciplinary tasks.
  • Graduates shall have the ability of to meet the expectations/demands of their potential Employers.
  • Graduate shall able to demonstrate the cutting edge technologies like Python, Machine Learning etc. to meet the new demand of the Technology Era
  • Graduate will be able to participate and succeed in competitive exams like GATE, GRE etc.
  • Graduate shall be able to handle various projects as Individual/ in a team for the societal upliftment

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)
  • To provide the students with core knowledge of science and mathematics enabling them to solve engineering problems and also pursue higher studies.
  • To prepare the students with sound background in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and enable them to excel in the industry or academia.
  • To provide hands on training with relevant problems related to all facts for the real world.
  • To enable the students in becoming a professional with ethical attitude and having effective communication skills.
  • To inculcate the Technical and professional skill in each students to enable him/her to work individually as well as in team.

Electronics and Communication Engineering